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Funny Christmas Cards

Funny Christmas Cards

For some people, the most important thing to think about when selecting a Christmas card is the funny message. 

Why a funny card?

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New baby cards - Greeting card for new babies

New baby cards - Greeting card for new babies

Whenever a baby arrives on this planet we want to rejoice. A wonderful moment to celebrate in anyone’s lives. New Bay Greeting Cards. Card for newborn. New baby boy. New Baby Girl. Peach Cards.

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It’s beginning to look a lot (well a little) like Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot (well a little) like Christmas

We love Christmas. Just like most people at this time of year we start to think of all the jobs that we have to do. And the biggest job on our list is to ensure that we have a wonderful selection of Christmas cards available for people to buy.

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A very popular anniversary card

A very popular anniversary card

Birthday cards and anniversary cards will sell all year around. Wedding anniversaries peak in spring and summer but people celebrate meeting their partner whenever that may have happened. It could be a New Year’s Eve celebration or a Halloween party. It could happen at any time of the year, so just like our birthday cards they sell all year around.

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What makes a good card design?

What makes a good card design?

When you create a greeting card, it’s very important to come up with a design that’s not only appealing, but also very interesting. You want something that’s unique, different and exciting at the same time latest blog post

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Picking the perfect card

Picking the perfect card

Sharing a greeting card is a great idea, especially when it comes to special events, birthdays and so on. However, the problem is that there are a plethora of designs and options that you can find on the market. Which does make you wonder here, how can you choose the perfect card? It can be difficult, but here are the things to keep in mind.

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Why we send greetings cards

Why we send greetings cards

Sharing greeting cards is a great way to connect with people, and it’s also bringing in a new way to communicate. Nowadays we are very focused on communicating through our mobile devices. But the truth is that old school methods of communication like greeting cards are still extremely interesting, and they convey a lot of incredible benefits. Which does make you wonder, why are we still sending greeting cards in 2021?

Showing that you care about someone

Sharing a greeting card is a great way to show someone you care about them. It’s easy to send a random text and be done with it. If you actually take the time to send a physical item like a greeting card, you will be much more appreciated and respected. The truth is that these greeting cards are incredible, and people appreciate them whenever you share them. You also have lots of different styles and options to choose from, which is important to keep in mind.

There are great many cards for a variety of occasions

You can share a seasonal greeting card during Easter or Christmas, but also for special occasions like someone’s birthday. These are versatile and really go to show the unique value and benefits they bring to the table. That’s what you want, something that truly shows your respect and appreciation. That’s what makes it very impressive in the end.

They bring joy and happiness

Just think about it, how would you feel right now if someone would bring you a greeting card? You would most likely be very happy and appreciate the person that shared this with you. That’s exactly why you want to share greeting cards, because they make people happy. Since all of us are dealing with stress and challenges every day, simple things like these can make a huge difference.

It’s a sign of respect and appreciation

You can send a greeting card to friends and family, but also colleagues and people you don’t know as well too. It’s a great sign of appreciation and respect. And the truth is that people also like it as well. These days many people just think about themselves and their families, so they focus on a very small circle. Which is why sending a greeting card to someone can be so impactful.

An item to be kept forever

Unlike a digital card or something that can easily be lost, real life greeting cards are items that you can keep forever. They are a lot of fun to have around, and the best part is that you can keep them and go through those great memories and conversations at any given time.

As you can see, sending greeting cards can be a lot of fun, very interesting and engaging, but also empowering. We recommend giving it a try for yourself, and you will be impressed with the power and efficiency of greeting cards. They are beautiful, amazing and just a pleasure to share with others. Plus, you get to share your beliefs and personal wishes in a creative way, which is always an amazing thing to do!

Importance of Greeting Cards in the 21st Century

Importance of Greeting Cards in the 21st Century

Let’s face it, the digital era in the 21st century eroded the use of greeting cards. With mobile devices used as go-to options for communication, people have forgotten just how important greeting cards are to us. 

After the excitement of the convenience of mobile devices, many people are now noticing how important greeting cards were. This has witnessed a comeback of greeting cards in the 21st century. It is now fashionable to use greeting cards for various reasons. 

Why you should use greeting cards

If you are not using greeting cards, you must be missing out on a lot. There are lots of benefits that you can get when you use greeting cards. Check out these top benefits.

To make a real connection 

You show your personality to another person when you take your time and write something with a pen. With a card, you can’t draft or redraft; you have a single chance to make your mark on the card. With mobile devices, you can write messages and delete them to make them perfect. This doesn’t show your personality; it only shows the best version of you. Using a greeting card is the perfect way to create a connection with a person since you give them a personal touch. 

They are a reminder of joyful moments

Every time a greeting card is displayed, it reminds people of the happy moments in life. Imagine going to a room full of greeting cards. This evokes a special feeling of being loved as all the cards must have come during a joyous moment. 

Shows someone that you think of them

Did you know that you don’t need to have a special occasion to show someone that you are thinking of them? Well, a greeting card can do this perfectly as it is the single most important stamp of dedication to someone. When you take your time and write to someone; they will feel loved and appreciated. 

Give them something to keep

Greeting cards are a physical and permanent reminder that you care about someone. If you give someone a greeting card, they can keep it for long unlike a message that can be deleted. 

Should you buy greeting cards?

Yes, you should buy greeting cards to gift your loved ones. Don’t be over-occupied with technological advancements to an extent that you forget the basics about human connections. 

How to write a thank you card

How to write a thank you card

What to write in a thank you card

Two of the most powerful and moving words you can say to someone. Thank You.

Sometimes saying “thanks” simply isn’t enough. You have to say “thank you”. Furthermore, you need to say “thank you” with a card. But what do you write in that card to make it meaningful.

There are many reasons to be thankful to our wonderful friends and family. Maybe they celebrated a milestone with us, taught us a new skill, acted as a shoulder to cry on or helped us achieve a goal. They may have been there to help our kids or gave some great advice. They may take in all your deliveries when you’re out at work or gave you work so you can afford your deliveries.

You may wish to give a gift (or an expressive dance) or you may want to simply send a thank you card to express your gratitude for all they do.

At peach cards we have a fantastic range of cards to say “thank you” to your friend, family member, teacher, boss, colleague, tutor or milkman.

But what do you write in that card?

Maybe keep it simple?

You may wish to keep it simple. Sometimes there is no need to spend any time considering a long and heartfelt message if the card design itself has already said that. Sometimes less is more.

Here are a selection of simple messages that may help you.


  1. Thanks for everything that you do for me
  2. I am so lucky to have you in my life
  3. Thank you for everything
  4. You’re simply the best
  5. Thank you for all of your support
  6. I will never forget all you have done for me
  7. You’ve been an inspiration 

A funny message

Maybe you have a friend with a great sense of humour? Or a sister who is always up for a laugh. When you selected the perfect funny card….you need a one liner to match!

  1. If I had a penny for every time you’ve been an amazing friend, I’d have enough for a latte by now.
  2. Thanks for the free therapy sessions.
  3. I’m glad you didn’t talk me out of it this time!
  4. I‘m getting bored of having to say “thank you” to you. You are too good.
  5. In all honesty, I would have chosen the other option and been right in the crap now - thanks for changing my mind.

Loving messages of thanks

Sometimes you need to be really heartfelt in you message.

  1. My life is simply better having you in it.
  2. You are the rock that I build my life on. Thank you for all that you do for me.
  3. Just so you know, that thing you did for me will change my life forever. I will always be thankful for what you have done for me.
  4. I’ll never be able to thank you enough for what you have done for me, but just know that this card is a start of my repayment.
  5. I don’t know how I would have ever made it through this period of my life without you. I will be thankful for the rest of my life.
  6. You have helped me more than you will ever know. I am so grateful to have you in my life.
  7. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Your unwavering support i means more to me than you will ever know.

There are cards for all occasions at and with the right message inside, you can make someone’s day.

We can even print your message and deliver the card directly to your loved one, next day. Say it well and say it quickly.


How to choose a greeting card

How to choose a greeting card

What do you think about when choosing a card for someone? The images? The message on the front? The message inside? The quality?

All of these things are very important to consider when you want to ensure that you choose the perfect greeting card for someone.

The card image

What are you trying to portray with the card? Are you wishing a happy birthday or anniversary? Maybe you are apologising for something. Perhaps you are sending festive greetings. The image matters.

Too childish and the Valentine’s card you are sending may not strike the right chord. Too serious and the joke on the message will seem disconnected from the context of the image.

Well designed cards will have unique images that really couple well with any text on the front. At Peach Cards we design all cards in house so our images are completely unique and planned for the specific card and messages that it is being used to portray.

The message on the front

Do you want a cute message? Maybe a message that portrays your love. You might want a funny message or simple and straight to the point message.

Saying “Happy Birthday To The One Thant I Love” may not be totally appropriate for your work colleague, but “I Hope You Have A Great Birthday Sexy Lady” is probably not appropriate for your dad either.

The key is to have a big choice of designs to ensure that the perfect message is acheivable. 

The message inside

Now this is where you make or break a card. At we offer a free reign to add your own message exactly as you would like it inside the card. You can add a short message just to wish somebody good luck or you can add a poem or a quote.

Furthermore at peach cards we add your message for free. Completely free.

All of our cards are blank inside as standard. So whether you would like a traditional central message such as “I hope you have a wonderful day” and you can write your own message around that, or you would like a full message such as “To Karim. I am thinking about you this year as I can’t be with you on your birthday, but I will raise a glass to you while you are off adventuring. Have a great birthday and I’ll see you soon. Love from Shannon.”

Make it your own!

The Quality of the Card

Finally, you want to ensure that the cards you send are of high-quality to let people know that you do care and that they are not an afterthought and a quick grab of a card from a petrol station on the way home from work.

All of our cards are designed, printed, folded and packed in our studio. All cards are made with love and care. All cards are made as if we were sending them to our own friends and family.

We select only high-quality card stock and use the latest print, press and fold technology and package all cards to arrive in perfect condition.

Next time you are looking for a card, look no further then peach cards. We are for a huge and unique collection of cards fully designed and manufactured by us and not sold by anyone else.

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