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10 great home made card ideas for kids

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We can admit it, sometimes the best cards are homemade ones - especially if from the kids.

10 homemade card ideas for children

I’m a parent myself and I love it when I am given a card that is thoughtfully and carefully created by one of our little ones. And the look of pride on their faces when they give it to you is priceless.

With that I’m mind, check out some of these super cute and creative cards that can be made at home.

1. Lovely Pom Pom balloon card

This card is super simple if you have a few little woollen balls or you could even use different coloured paper. Just glue in place and draw some lines for string.

2. Cupcake paper cards

Simple design using different coloured cupcake paper cups. Again a line for the stem and you have a beautiful flower card.

3. Handprint Birthday Cake card

This super simple painted handprint card is so easy to recreate.

4. Pop up animal card

Really easy pop up animal face card. Simply cut out a circle for the face, fold it in half and then fold the two halves in half. Glue to card and add some details.

5. Coloured tape birthday cake card

Just use some coloured tape in lines to create a card that looks good enough to eat.

6. Foot print card

You don’t just need to use hand prints - foot prints can creat lovely images too. This is simply a yellow painted footprint with some black lines to make a bee. 

7. Crepe paper balloons

Lovely simple balloon card idea. You can just draw the shape for the balloons (or face, or ball, or car) and stick bits of coloured crepe paper one with glue. Lovely.

8. Felt fruit card

This card is made out of two pieces of colour felt, but could just as easily be paper. Fruit shapes are very recognisable and a little added message makes the perfect card.

9. Hand shape monster cards


Draw around your little ones hand and then cut it out when the card is folded to create a card you can open. Decorate with paint or google eyes and hey presto!

10. I love you this much

This card is so sweet - I’m definitely making this with my little ones for Father’s Day this year! Cut out two hand shapes and fold a piece of paper over and over. Super stuff!

Hopefully you are inspired by some of these ideas. But if you are too busy this year……just order from Peach Cards :-)

(we have linked to the images above if you need to find out more about them - enjoy)


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