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A very popular anniversary card

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We often get asked by people what our most popular card is. Well the truth is that we cannot answer that question. Our most popular card changes often and without any real reason sometimes.

Some days we can send out a whole load of a card wishing your dad a happy birthday even though his burps smell, then we might not sell a copy of that card for days or even weeks after and there will be other cards that take up the baton of unusually popular for a day.

Seasonal designs

Obviously we don’t sell a whole lot of Christmas cards in April or Father’s Day cards in October, so while we have really popular designs for Mother’s Day cards and other seasonal celebrations, we do not get through a lot of these out of season but will churn through them when the time is right.

However, that being said, we still get unusually high demand for an obscure design out of the blue. We might get a sudden rush for rude Christmas card on 10th December and not sell another copy before Christmas  at all.

But we do have certain designs that will sell very well every Christmas without fail.

Regular hot sellers

We do of course have some cards that sell consistently well, day in day out.

Birthday cards and anniversary cards will sell all year around. Wedding anniversaries peak in spring and summer but people celebrate meeting their partner whenever that may have happened. It could be a New Year’s Eve celebration or a Halloween party. It could happen at any time of the year, so just like our birthday cards they sell all year around.

And with our regular sales of anniversary cards we have several which are popular consistently.

A cheeky design

Perhaps our most popular anniversary card over the years has been a cheeky design. It is a consistently popular card because it is the right balance of funny and loving.

Today we celebrate the best decision you ever made. Happy Anniversary.

Popular anniversary cards


Why is this so popular

It is hard to answer that question. But we think that is strikes a nice balance of love and fun. It is cheeky without being rude and it is funny while still saying I love you.

People can still of course customise this card with a message inside. You can still have a mushy emotion filled outpour of love. You can continue the theme of joking about how lucky your other half is too if you want.

This card seems the be over time the most popular anniversary card to order online from us.

You can check this card out for yourself if you have an anniversary coming up here

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