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Birthday card selection. Why is it so difficult to choose?

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Birthday card choices - does it need to be a headache?

Should I stress?

Of course not. That won’t help anything.

You see the secret is this. Just go with your instinct.

There are cards for everyone. Funny cards, sentimental cards, rude cards, traditional cards, sarcastic cards, cute cards, loving cards. There are cards with caring messages, humorous messages, naughty messages, sweet messages. There are cards for kids, teens, millennials, gen Z, OAPs. Couples, seekers, singles. Celebrations, commiserations, coming of ages and the ages that we don’t want people to know about.

We have them all. But don’t stress. Here is the only guide you need.

It’s a birthday celebration - whether they agree or not!

You see the thing is, some people don’t want you to know they are a certain age (40 is usually the one that people don’t want to admit to). But even then people are offended if you don’t remember it’s their birthday. You need to just roll with it, and they will too.

Thoughtful cards

Perhaps the simplest thing to do is to send them a nice thoughtful card (with 40 emblazoned across the front) just wishing them all the best for the day. After all it is still a birthday celebration.

Thortful cards will ensure that they feel the love and will remind them that age is just a number.

Funny happy birthday cards

Most people however love a good laugh. Even if that laugh is at their expense. A great joke about a subject they are interested in (fishing, football, cooking etc) so something that they are terrible at will make them smile. 

It’s your friend or family member. Remember our earlier advice - just go with your instinct.

You can make someone’s day if the card is on point, but you won’t ruin it if it’s not.

Personalised birthday cards

You can send a very personalised card - with a whole message added to the design, or a name or a detail. You can add the perfect message inside the card too.

Make them laugh. Make them cry. What are you trying to say to them? Maybe you haven’t seen them for a long time and need to remind them that you think about them every day, not just on their birthday? 

Maybe you just want to say that they will get an extra special treat later 😉

Birthday cards online

If you can’t be with them on the day we can send direct to them for you. You wouldn’t want to miss the day altogether would you now? You can also order online if you’re a busy person - and let’s face it we all are these days!

You can order in advance and we can send it on a specific date in the future. This is especially useful if you are going on holiday, or if you are a little forgetful.

And there are other retailers too that offer services such as these. Although we obviously want you to use us we know people who sometimes order from - Moonpig cards are a good provider of cards with added photographs.

DIY cards for birthday

If you are sending a card from a child, we love to receive DIY cards. Especially if from little ones. We have just created a blog with some great ideas for this (click here)

Greeting cards uk

The truth is, that there is no right or wrong answer on which card to buy. Simply have a browse through our collections, which are categorised by type of card (funny, cute, rude etc) or by recipient (brother, friend, wife etc). We also have special ages sorted.

Once you have chosen your card, add the personal touches. We can print or write by hand, a message inside the card on your behalf. This is especially good if you want to send the card directly to the recipient.

You can then choose to send it next day for free* or select a date if their birthday is next week for example and we will send it in time for the occasion.

Occasional cards

On top of this, we offer cards for for all sorts of occasions. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, new babies, Father’s Day, graduations, moving home, Christmas, Easter, condolences, new jobs, driving test passes, divorce etc etc. The list really could go on and on.

Browse today and find the perfect card with Peach Cards.

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