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Funny 18th birthday cards

18th birthday 18th birthday cards

The start of adulthood. Turning 18 is a big thing. It’s also important to let people know that we are thinking of them as they move from childhood to adulthood. They may be off to uni, or starting work, but they are old enough today for you to have a great laugh at their expense. We need a funny 18th birthday card.

Will they find it amusing?

It doesn’t really matter today. It’s okay to have a bit of a laugh and poke a bit of fun at them. 

It’s fine to tell them that they aren’t ready for adulthood. Life gets more complicated from here on in. You can say that to them.

It’s fine to be a bit naughty

You can call them pet names. You can call them real names too - it’s fine!

You know them - you know they will find it funny too.

What about my son or daughter?

Well they can take a bit of stick too today.


Let them know that it has been a rollercoaster being their parent.

The truth is that is is a day of fun and laughs, we have a ton of cards for 18th birthdays that will make them laugh or cry. And that is adulthood. 

Look at our range of 18th birthday cards here and find the perfect one for new adult!

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