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Funny Birthday cards for your sister

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Everyone likes to have a laugh and a good time on their birthday. Your sister is no exception. So you need a card for your sister to make her laugh and have a great time.

What makes a card funny?

Well that is an important question and one that needs a little thought. The answer is a card is funny if the person receiving it finds it funny. It is no good if you think it is the funniest card you’ve ever seen if the person who receives it thinks it is not funny at all.

Know the person

Well this will usually be simple when it comes to choosing a card for your sister…..who knows her better? Maybe no one! You know her better (or at least as well) as anyone else.

You know what makes her laugh, what makes her smile and what doesn’t. 

And everyone is different, but you know what will work. We have a load of funny cards for sisters. And for those who don’t think a funny card is right for their sister, we also have cute birthday cards, rude birthday cards and everything in between. 

We will have the right card for your sisters birthday. 

Take a look at the below card for a start.

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