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Free next day UK delivery on all orders*
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Funny Christmas Cards

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For some people, the most important thing to think about when selecting a Christmas card is the funny message. 

Why a funny card?

Well there are many reasons people choose funny cards. It might be that you are a bit of a joker yourself. It may be that the person who will receive the card is a funny person. It may be that the joke on the card is exactly the right joke for your loved one. Maybe it is a joke you’ve shared for years.

Who enjoys funny cards?

Well almost everyone really. You can send funny Christmas cards to your siblings, your friends, your kids or parents, your work mates etc. There is always a good response. Because let’s face it…..we all love a good laugh at Christmas time!

Should they be rude?

Well there is a major uplift in the amount of rude cards being sent in general. We sell a lot of rude birthday and anniversary cards throughout the year and of course, that means we sell a lot at Christmas too. But understand who you are sending it too. It might seem perfectly funny to you, but telling your boss for example to piss off may not be the best idea for your career! That is unless you have a super cool boss!!

Spread the laughter

We really do all need a good laugh this Christmas. After last years lockdown Christmas we deserve to enjoy this year twice as much. Get stuck in and spread the laughter. 

All of our cards come with free next day UK delivery and free personalisation. Order before 2pm for same day dispatch. We design and manufacture all of our cards in house, so you won’t find anyone else selling our cards anywhere. 

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