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How to choose a greeting card

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What do you think about when choosing a card for someone? The images? The message on the front? The message inside? The quality?

All of these things are very important to consider when you want to ensure that you choose the perfect greeting card for someone.

The card image

What are you trying to portray with the card? Are you wishing a happy birthday or anniversary? Maybe you are apologising for something. Perhaps you are sending festive greetings. The image matters.

Too childish and the Valentine’s card you are sending may not strike the right chord. Too serious and the joke on the message will seem disconnected from the context of the image.

Well designed cards will have unique images that really couple well with any text on the front. At Peach Cards we design all cards in house so our images are completely unique and planned for the specific card and messages that it is being used to portray.

The message on the front

Do you want a cute message? Maybe a message that portrays your love. You might want a funny message or simple and straight to the point message.

Saying “Happy Birthday To The One Thant I Love” may not be totally appropriate for your work colleague, but “I Hope You Have A Great Birthday Sexy Lady” is probably not appropriate for your dad either.

The key is to have a big choice of designs to ensure that the perfect message is acheivable. 

The message inside

Now this is where you make or break a card. At we offer a free reign to add your own message exactly as you would like it inside the card. You can add a short message just to wish somebody good luck or you can add a poem or a quote.

Furthermore at peach cards we add your message for free. Completely free.

All of our cards are blank inside as standard. So whether you would like a traditional central message such as “I hope you have a wonderful day” and you can write your own message around that, or you would like a full message such as “To Karim. I am thinking about you this year as I can’t be with you on your birthday, but I will raise a glass to you while you are off adventuring. Have a great birthday and I’ll see you soon. Love from Shannon.”

Make it your own!

The Quality of the Card

Finally, you want to ensure that the cards you send are of high-quality to let people know that you do care and that they are not an afterthought and a quick grab of a card from a petrol station on the way home from work.

All of our cards are designed, printed, folded and packed in our studio. All cards are made with love and care. All cards are made as if we were sending them to our own friends and family.

We select only high-quality card stock and use the latest print, press and fold technology and package all cards to arrive in perfect condition.

Next time you are looking for a card, look no further then peach cards. We are for a huge and unique collection of cards fully designed and manufactured by us and not sold by anyone else.

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