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How to pick the perfect Birthday card

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Birthdays truly are special days. We want the person celebrating their birthday to feel that you care enough to pick the right card, but where do you start when faced with an endless variety.

Here at Peach Cards we have hundreds of options to choose from. It is impractical to scroll through all of them so we have created a handy guide to help you pick the perfect card in three easy steps.

Whose birthday is it? 

Who is celebrating the birthday? Obviously birthday cards for your mother will be different to birthday cards for you husband. You must firstly think about your relationship to the person.

To make things easier we have categorised our cards by recipient, by special age or by category. 

Recipients could be mother, brother, girlfriend, boy, girl, him, her, friend or a number of other relationships.

We have cards for special ages from 1 up to 100. It might be a dinosaur card you want for a toddler or a spitfire card for a pensioner - we have you covered.

Lastly you can browse by category. That may be a traditional card, a cute card, a funny card or our very popular rude birthday cards. Just consider what might be the right card for your person.

What do they like?

After you have decided what category to browse through you should think about what the person likes. Remember that the card isn’t for you, so try to think about what their hobbies are or the things that they enjoy doing. It may be flowers if they are a gardener, maybe they really like the colour pink, maybe a simple design with large text if they don’t have the best eyes anymore. Think about the person you are sending it to.

If it isn’t for a close friend or family member, stick to simple traditional card with flowers, birthday cake or maybe an animal design.

If you know them well enough our rude birthday cards may be perfect. You can tell a joke about them getting older and the things that process involves (grey hair, wrinkles etc.) or maybe you could send a naughty sexy card to your partner. There really is a perfect card for everyone.


How to finish you selection

Once you have selected the perfect card, we have many options to finish the card perfectly for you.Some cards are personalised, to instead of saying “Happy 8th Birthday” you may be able to have a card that says “Happy 8th Birthday Mia”.

Then all cards come with free messages. Inside the card you can write the perfect message. Some people keep it simple and some can be more creative.

You may want to write a message like the to your work mate.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday
Love from


But you may want to write something more like this to your brother

I wrote a little poem to remember when as kids
I used to laugh and tease you
Because you pants were full of skids
Happy Birthday you old Fart


It is completely up to you. We will resize the lettering and would normally use a light script font, but we do offer a handwritten option.

The card can be sent to you to sign it yourself or we can send it direct to the person if you can’t get to see them on the day.

Birthdays really are a chance to celebrate the relationships that we share with people and tell them that you are glad to have them in your life.

If you are ready to start your search click here to go to our Birthday Card Collections

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