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New baby cards - Greeting card for new babies

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Whenever a baby arrives on this planet we want to rejoice. A wonderful moment to celebrate in anyone’s lives.

How to celebrate

There are many ways to celebrate the birth of new life. We offer gifts, we cheer and we cry, we sing and we hug, we tell stories and we take photos. We also give cards. We send our well wishes to the new parents and to the future of the new born child.

What do we say?

Well we have many things to say in a card. It could be….

You’ve waited so long for this moment. Enjoy every second


That’s the end of your party days


If you need anything at all for your bundle of joy just ask, ill be there


To my little grandchild. You have made our lives complete and we can’t wait to see you grow up and watch you blossom

Why a card?

Well you can give gifts. A set of vests and sleep suits are useful, but will be grown out of and discarded. A photo frame or a a keepsake gift are lovely. A gift card is impersonal, but will be appreciated. Combine this with a heartfelt card and you have got it right.

A card to say that you are there and will be a part of the child’s life will say so much. They will be kept and the child will be shown the cards late in life and get the chance to see what Autie Gita, Nanny Joan or Mum’s best friend Karen thought at the time of their birth. It is the chance to leave a message through time.

Select you card, select your words and say how you feel.

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