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Valentine’s cards for new (or potential) partners

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It’s nearly Valentine’s Day again. February 14th. What better way to show someone that you care about them on the day than a card from

Why a valentines card?

Well a great Valentine’s Day card can say so much to a new partner or a potential partner. 

You can show you are a fun person with a great joke or a humorous card. You can show some love with a sweet message. You can even say you love someone for the first time.

Keep it lighthearted?

It is important to not rush love. In fact I’ve heard that you can’t hurray love, no you just have to wait, because love don’t come easy. Well that is so often the case. The formative days, weeks or months of any relationship are super important.

We suggest that you keep it lighthearted. And show the fun side of your personality.

Keep it fun.

Maybe a sign of affection?

You may prefer to show a bit of love. Remember though, some people are put off by super strong signs of affection really early on.

If you are going to be loving, keep it simple and

For a potential partner?

Well we’d say traditional messages are the best. Valentine’s Day has always been a day that you can tell someone you like them - ask them to be your valentine!

Be spontaneous. Be lighthearted. Be fun.

Whatever you are doing on Valentine’s Day, have a great time and we hope you get a card from someone who likes you.

It’s a lovely day to show a new boyfriend or girlfriend that you are thinking about them. That you appreciate them and 

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